Minecraft Servers from 2015

Minecraft is an online sandbox open world game where you build and create buildings, trees and much more while interacting with other players. The game itself is hosted on servers that you connect to in order to connect with other players. Gaming sites like IGN, Steam, and others offer servers for use, while others host their own servers. When running your own server you can set it to invite only so only you and your friends can connect to it, or you can create a public server where anyone can connect and join your wold in the game.

When you run your own Minecraft servers you can also set custom rules or mods to the game to be allowed for use. Some mods allow players to teleport, turn on god mode (invincibility), change the physics and many more. Servers that allow these types of mods usually let players know when they select the server so they can back out before joining completely. Other servers will ban players for using mods as some of them can give unfair advantages, and usually lots of buildings and other constructed items wind up getting destroyed.

There are tons of tools for you to use when creating a Minecraft server in addition to allowing custom rules or the use of mods. These tools can help create a much better experience for you and the players on the server. Anti griefing tools to help kick and ban griefers (people who go out of their way to harass and annoy other players). World editing tools that allow you to customize the world. And anti cheating tools, which detect players who are using cheats and will either kick and ban the player, or freeze them in place so they become a sitting target.

Upkeep of your Minecraft server is very important as well. Not removing or fixing small minor bugs can ruin the game entirely for you and whoever is on your server. It can also create lag issues to the point where the game is unplayable. You’ll also want to make sure your computer has a good security program, as sometimes hackers will hack into your server and try to shut it down or get other information so they can try to hack the computer itself.

No matter if you choose to run your own Minecraft server, or use one of the many, many servers out there, you’ll be sure to find the one that best fits the way you choose to play the game.