Sound Recording Equipment - How to get fat recording equipment for tight sound with a thin wallet

Sound Recording Equipment - How to get fat recording equipment for tight sound with a thin wallet

Okay, you have your computer with your interface and some recording programs and now you are serious about adding some real horsepower to your recording chain. Rocking, but holding fast, making the right purchase decisions can be daunting, especially when a budget is a part of reality.

How do we choose the best equipment to help you produce starviews, but still do not blow your budget? We follow the rules.

Rule # 1 Front end

No matter how much you have to spend, you want to dispense your expenses to the products closest to the source. If you produce music with song as the focus, you spend the most money on the equipment closest to the vocalist, you will get the highest return on your investment.

This means that money spent on microphones will go much further than the same money that is distributed between a microphone, preamp, compressor and an EQ. Having a high quality microphone gives better sound and spreads your money over there or more pieces of cheap gear. A good microphone via a decent amplifier still sounds like a good microphone!

In addition to this approach, headphones should not be forgotten.

As any major producer knows, the talent makes the rule number one to get a good performance. When it comes to equipment, its important to have headphones that are both comfortable and good. Finding a pair of cans that make music sound good can help you develop the best performance. Do not be surprised if you spend as much as $ 200 for a large set of jars.

Rule # 2 Wisdom of trademarks

In an industry of renegades and rebels, the will to break with traditions is normal. We all want a new new sound, a modern take on our musical genre. In terms of composition and instrumentation, this may be an excellent feature. Do not let this rebellion ignore the choices of equipment that have been tested.

Listen, thats a reason why professionals gravit against specific tools. The reason is that there is a musical magic in its sound. Although the tool can be simply a combination of circuits, threads and other electronic gobbly gook, how they are made and the component style gives a virtually endless number of combinations. With all these combinations, only a few have hit the jackpot when it comes to sonic beauty.

These winners often come with some pretty prestigious names associated with them: Neumann, Neve, Teletronix, API, AKG, and of course the Telefunken.

Rule # 3 is best for the abdomen

Now after the last rule, your wallet can scream in protest. Especially when the list of pretty prestigious names was called out, but realize that this is an investment in your future. Let me summarize this rule by saying it would be wiser to make a one-time investment in a single piece of good tools, rather than losing money constantly jumping from one crazy tool to another.

This is the mistake I see many prominent manufacturers do. They sell for cheap and buy crap instead of saving up and waiting for one of the good tools that will make good recordings. Thats why you are manufacturer right? You want to create great recordings ...

As # 2 says, stick to the names, youre clever and realize that the top shelf brands like Neumann make some good starting microphones that sounds pretty nice and guaranteed to deliver quality.

In addition, today there are many companies that make exact duplicates - not cheap knock offs, but EXACT duplicates - of the classic in vintage. Check out companies like Vintech and Old School Audio to see what I mean. Adhering to the rules should guide you past all pitfalls that overcome most producers and provide you with the arsenal of recording equipment that will divide hits for years to come.

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